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We connect people who are looking for specific knowledge with the corresponding coaches

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our offer

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Support your apprentices in accounting

Repetition courses

Accounting doesn't have the best repoutation. But - it is not necessarily boring or complicated.


A fellow coach explained to me: "the most important are concrete examples from everyday business. The student must be able to imagine the "setting" in which the acounting plays. In a nutshell: Learning through practical examples stick best and helps you to understand the matter."

Courses for first, second and third year apprentices and for final apprenticeship examination (LAP, QV)

Our accounting professionals cover the following topics and more:
  • Interest
  • Foreign currencies
  • financial statements individual enterprises
  • Financial statements stock corporation
  • depreciation
  • bad debt loss and del credere
  • prepaid expenses, accrued income, deferred income
  • provisions
  • payroll
  • VAT
  • Calculation
  • break-even point
  • income statement
  • Trade in goods
Support your apprentices now with 1:1 lessons or with courses with several participants.

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Switzerland - a book with seven seals?

This doesn't have to be the case. We discuss the most important topics in a day course so that you better understand Switzerland and its inhabitants. The focus lies on the following topics:

  • the political system Switzerland
  • important characteristics of the Swiss economy and society
  • Overview of Geography and History
  • and insider tips on how to avoid a few no-goes in Switzerland
We are happy to support your expats in 1:1 lessons or in courses with several participants with handouts.

Related to this are the language courses with interesting topics on current events and on the Swiss culture.

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Language courses

German - French - English and more

Learn a foreign language in an entertaining mix with interesting topics about current events

Level A1 to C1

Enjoy entertaining lessons in a mix specially developed for language courses with the following goals:
  • Improve listening comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • increasing your spoken and written ability

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Courses for grwon ups - computer & co.

Beginners Course: Smartphones, Tablets, Internet and Computers

The computer and its satellite devices are a book with seven seals for many non-digital-natives. Let's read this book by attending the following courses:
  • be introduced to the computer without pressure to perform and with simple examples
  • learn in a relaxed and calm atmosphere
  • get pleasure in using these devices

Advanced Course: Smartphones, Tablets, Internet and Computers

In this course you will increase the knowledge acquired in the Beginners course and learn tips and tricks for dealing with the Internet and e-mail.

digital camera

The main focus lies on the following topics:
  • handling of your own camera and learn basic rules
  • .
  • save photos on your computer so that you wil find them again, send photos by e-mail, create invitations with your photos

We are happy to support you in 1:1 lessons or in courses with several participants.

You are also at the right address for Language courses with interesting topics on current events.

Call us at 044 500 26 64 or contact us at

our frame
  • Proven teachers and coaches who come to your company - even at off-peak times
  • Own course materials
  • Coaches und teachers throughout Switzerland
  • over 10 years of experience
  • straightforward in handling your enquiries

digital - what?

To us, digital processes mean that you receive and find information quickly and easily without an intermediary.

  • summary of your lessons are at any time available online
  • all paid and open invoices at a glance at any time
  • Fast and multiple communication chanels. During office hours by phone, e-mail or browser.
  • Tax receipt at the end of year in your login space for your tax deduction
  • 30% of the profit goes into the R&D of the IT structure and the improvment of the programming - month after month, which ensures continuous improvement.
  • Contact us now - we will find a suitable solution for you.

about us

Let's do this!

The beginning
2005 our model consisted of an Excel file in which we listed teachers who covered different subjects and contacted them if necessary.
Only: dozens of competitors did that too. The question that decided about being or not being was: How do we offer added value to those interested in learning?

The expansion

the early years

Added value 1 - not every lid fits all pans

there's not the one top teacher or coach. The demands on the teacher, trainer or coach also change with the requirements of your needs. What fits for one customer does not necessarily fit to another one. We are proud to have teachers and coaches from different fields from all over Switzerland:
  • education
  • academics
  • people with great experience in the economy and industry
  • People with different professional backgrounds

added value 2 - continuous contact vs. freedom

our customer want a contact person for specific questions and information.
However, they also want independence in managing their documents. We provide quick and easy contact as well as independence in handling your documents and an easy overview.

Added value 3 - Transparency through specification

In many industries, product properties are represented in specifications. For our course content we also created specifications .

Your advantage therefrom

  • Clear and transparent listing of course content
  • short and concise

We have a quality manager who is responsible for our services and periodically checks them


from Excel to a digital enterprise
As a summary our company consists of a digital basic structure and an analog

Call us view. We will find you the suitable course and teacher: 044 500 26 64 or contact us at

our core values

Marketing english is everywhere and honestly: we don't like it. That's why we are not taking about "highest quality" or "extraordinary service".

We communicate with you decoded and directly.

And this is how our courses are structured as well: transparent: you will know what you get.

Transfer of knowledge is about sympathy and trust.
Let us meet for a coffee and some discussions. The first one is one us. Promised.
044 500 26 64 or under

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